DEADHORSE is the 2nd documentary feature film of Matthew Leslie and Mike Free.  Even the filmmakers themselves cannot lock down the exact inspiration to make this film.  Since 1998, with no particular film in mind, Matthew was documenting the lives of the characters, who were then teenagers in Fountain of Life Church’s Youth Group.  Even by 2005 when the opportunity to go to Alaska on the adventure trip of a lifetime presented itself, the story of DEADHORSE was still not on the radar.  Matt and Mike documented the trip expecting an MTV-like “Jackass” sort of video of young guys doing dumb activities in the wild.  The trip took a more serious direction and upon their return to Chicago the tapes sat on the shelf while Matt and Mike continued to document the lives of the characters.  Two years later after the completion of The Dutch Mafia, the opportunity to make another feature film presented itself.  Prior to the trip to Alaska, the group of guys, calling themselves “The Band of Brothers” had rallied around an idea coined by Jim, their bible study leader, that life was meant to be lived in freedom without the “man-made rules of religion.”  Through their journey in Alaska and the drama of life back at home, DEADHORSE tells the story of their quest to “trash their rules” and all the wild animals, river rapids, and dead ends as well as all the sex, drugs and rock’n roll that get in their way.

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